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"Jesen je zadnji in najočarljivejši nasmeh leta." ~William Cullen Bryant

torek, 24. marec 2009

I was born too late in a world that doesn't care

One day you realise that you have noone to be besides you when you need someone. And you're left alone, wandering in dark alleys so that noone can see you cry.

You have over 200 supposed friends (on facebook etc.), but in reality you've got only one REAL friend. End even that one is slipping away.

You look up the sky and you see stars. Beautiful stars, they seem somewhat soothing and relaxing. You wish that you could just lay down and look up at the stars until you fall asleep. The darkness makes you calmer. Maybe because you feel like you've run away from this pathetic world of nonsense. Away from all the fake people, trying to fit in in this world of non stop competition of who's the best, everyone keeps trying to be better than someone or something. And you know that you will never fit in this world, no matter how hard you try. You wish that you could be born in some other time, maybe in the time of love, you could be a hippie and the primary thing everyone would care for would be love. Nowdays love seems so underrated. People just don't care.

Another light comes. There are actually three light at the end of the dark road. You realise you didn't run away. It makes you sad again. You see your old school and remember the days when you were just a child. Everything was so easy. You know you will never be able to get that back. And so the road ends and another one begins, not as dark as the previous but it makes you calmer again. You look at the star again and remember the song that says "I was born too late into a world that doesn't care, Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair".

The buildings start to show up. You have to go there, even if you don't want to. You see your home and you wish nobody would be home just so you could cry out loud and get it out, but you know that won't happen…

ps.: verjetno je kar precej napak, tako slovničnih kot tipkarskih..pisala sem namreč danes ko sem prišla domov, nekako v solzah in zelo na hitro, pa velikokrat se beseda again ponavlja..še posebej na koncu..

pps.: nevem zakaj ampak včasih preprosto razmišljam v angleščini .. čudno vem ja -.-

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25.03.2009 ob 13:27 | žasminn - preberi bloge
ta komad sm pa lih dans na radiu slišala =) pa ful dobr si napisala.učasih je lažje v angleščini razmišlat ko pa v slovenšč zglea tok zapleteno Wink

25.03.2009 ob 14:32 | shtrukeljchek - preberi bloge
how true...

03.01.2014 ob 21:51 | Tiny90
Nekako sem sama kar občutljiva na slovnične napake v angleščini, pa vendar si tako dobro napisala to besedilo, v katerem sem se našla, da ti moram oprostiti... It's kinda nice to know that I'm not the only one who feels the same way and that there's more of us... Zavrti si komad od Andya Grammerja - Keep your head up. Wink

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